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BrickRoad Productions has put smiles on the faces of over 35,000 people throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Pennsylvania, and the number keeps on growing! Listed below are the hilarious, colorful productions available for travel to your large or small event. The choice is always yours! If you can’t decide, we are happy to recommend the show best suited to your needs. Most of our original scripts are available for rental, and we also have character actors for hire.

"Trial and Error"

By Steve Henderson

Cast of 'Trial and Error'
* Performance rights available*

Disorder in the court! Disorder in the court! All sit! Ladies and gentlemen, due to unusual circumstances, court is now in session, and it's happening right in your establishment! Fine people of the jury, buckle in for the most ridiculous, hilarious miscarriage of due process you have ever witnessed! Wackiness overrules objections every time in this semi-legal thriller. We need your fair and inebriated sense of righteousness to bring this case to justice.

"Gangsters In Love"

By Steve Henderson

Cast of 'Gangsters in Love'

When the moon hits your eyes, like a big pizza pie that's...gotta hurt. Friends, loved ones, and even you are cordially invited to Vinnie and Maria’s Jack & Jill! You'll enjoy an evening of great food, audience participation, and, of course, the wacky dastardly deeds of best friends, Sal and Louie. Welcome to this “famihlia” mistero! Mangia! Mangia!

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"Off The Rails"

By Nate Murphy

Off The Rails

Do you think you can, think you can solve this high-speed mystery? You better buckle in for a bumpy ride, because things may get a little crazy here in 1911. You'll just love your journey on the Old Mill Express. With targeting tycoons, savage psychics, hard-hitting journalists, and mouthwatering food: this murder mystery has it all!

"The Haunting"

By Steve Pierce

The Haunting

There's something spooky in the air, and it smells like...ghosts. Join Minerva Balthasar and her crack paranormal investigation team at your establishment, where clients and staff alike are terrified by reports of ghostly sightings. Meanwhile, the new co-owner Jo struggles to pull off a dinner party despite ghosts, sarcastic waiters, and cameramen with boundary issues. It's spooky, twisted fun hunting for ghosts, and you can be a part of the investigation in the debut performance of this brand-new, very weird comedy from your friends at BrickRoad Productions!

"Murder at the Priory"

By Steve Henderson

Cast of 'Murder at the Priory'

Welcome to the time of kings and queens, lords and jesters, wizards and knights (none of whom you’ll see here)! However meet Brothers Ambiguous, Libidonous, Inebrius, and Ignoramous: 4 wacky friars delighted to have your company… and your help.A very special event will be happening at the Priory and the Friars want the celebration to be appropriate for this most important occasion. This promises to be the Priory event of the 15th century: if nothing goes wrong… What could possibly go wrong?

"Clueless in Upton Abbey"

By Nate Murphy

Clueless in Upton Abbey

Mr. Boddy cordially invites you to a lovely evening of dining, hilarity, and mystery. Was it Colonel Poupon in the conservatory? What was Professor Maroon doing with that revolver? Get ready, as this cast of clueless characters turns the Upton Abbey upside down and inside out as this fun, interactive murder mystery unfolds.

"The Brass Monkey"

By Steve Henderson

The Brass Monkey

A-hoy there, maties! Welcome to the Brass Monkey, the perfect haunt for pirates, thieves, corrupt officials, and nefarious miscreants of all kinds. Poor ole Captain Baha's untimely death from some sort of mysterious illness has caused us to dock vessel, Jolly Flying Dutchman Roger, here for the time being. It said that Captain Baha’s treasure lies buried somewhere in these seas, but the crew aboard the ship only have half the map! Join us for a night of treasure hunting, peg-legged revelry, and sorting out the conundrum of the captain’s death.

"Class Reunion"

By Steve Henderson

Class Reunion

Nothing could be more fun than to get together with all your old high school friends, heartthrobs and rivals after so many years, even if some of the characters seem to remember you a lot better than you remember them. It’s strange and hilarious how some of those old stereotypical high school archetypes just never seem to grow up. Mixing and mingling, reminiscing about old times, maybe a rekindled flicker of an old flame. It just doesn’t get any better...unless of course there’s a murder (Gasp!) and the whole class has to figure out who did the crime! Undoubtedly the most fun since you graduated high school.

"Mountain Moonshine Mystery"

By Brent Northup

Mountain Moonshine Mystery

Otis Crump, president of the Hickory Gulch General Store & Eatin' Place, has met his maker by way of murder! Cause of death? Moonshine!!! What a way to go! Otis needs some brains for this operation and that's where yew Yankee folks come in. Which of his cousins did it—lovelorn Zeke, man-hungry Cordelia, or footloose Dickie Boy? Hoo boy, looks like we got ourselves a classic Hillbilly Murder Mystery!

"The Wake of Timothy O'Toole"

By Brent Northup

Timothy O'Toole

Poor Timothy. A rich Irish inventor, killed in the prime of his life. Was it Maggie, his self-sacrificing (and not a little bitter) sister? Or was it Pastor O'Hooley, looking for some money to keep his parish (and him) afloat? Perhaps it was Mary O'Doultry O'Toole, the "grieving" widow? Or, maybe Leo Mulcahey, Timothy's long lost (and conveniently found) cousin? Help us find out, and have some laughs along the way!

"The Good, Bad, and Not Very Smart"

By Steve Henderson

The Good, the Bad, and the Not Very Smart

This show brings the best of dinner theater to any audience. It’s a murder mystery inside a cowboy movie wrapped in a completely ridiculous situation. Some hysterical dialogue is sure to get your group howling with laughter, but if that’s not enough for you; the cast of wild and wacky characters will round up a whole herd of chances for audience participation. Some groups may want to decorate or costume to fit the Wild West theme for added fun.

"Murder at the Company Party"

By Brent Northup

Murder at the Company Party

It's a time to celebrate! You're out for a grand evening with your colleagues when a business mogul from a large corporation shows up and makes a very disturbing announcement: he has just managed to acquire your company! But before the corks are popped, the CEO is out of the picture. Does he call in sick? No, he calls in dead! Is the murderer the overworked, underappreciated company "brown nose?" The computer-geek office slacker? Or is it someone sitting right next to you? You'll laugh in the face of death when you join us for our comic treatment of life in the world of work.

A Little Murder for the Holidays

By Steve Henderson

It's X-Mas Eve, Where's the Boss?

Some of the elves who usually work up at “you-know-who’s” workshop up in the North Pole have arrived with bad news: the Polar Department of Toy Inspection could very well end up shutting down the toy shop just in time to ruin the holidays. Then again, they might end up in murder! Three very funny elves tell you all about it, while a peculiar detective tries to get to the bottom of the whole mess. Lots of interaction, hilarious jokes and madcap antics make this show an outright laugh riot.

Character Actors Available

No Scripts Needed

Character Actors

BrickRoad Productions has a cast of experienced, creative, talented, funny actors available to play any character you may need. Just tell us what we need to know about a fictional or historical character, and we'll do the rest, including the costume. We research historical characters to make them real and dream up delightfully fun fictional characters that will keep your guests entertained for hours.

"Who's On First?"

Abbott and Costello Routine

Who's On First?

One of the most famous baseball comedy acts ever is this lively exchange between Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. While BrickRoad doesn't pretend to compare to the late greats, our own very funny rendition of it is available for a very reasonable fee. The exchange takes place between a peanut vendor named Sebastion Dinwiddle and Dexter Broadhurt, manager of the mythical St. Louis Wolves. Before Dinwiddle can get behind the plate, Broadhurt wants to make sure he knows the name of everyone on the team…

"An Accidental Wedding"

By Steve Henderson

An Accidental Wedding

A hilarious encounter with a wouldn't-be groom, an irate match maker, and a tall tale like they write tall tales about. A highly interactive, roll in the aisle comedy you won't want to miss. This is a one-act, and runs about 45 minutes.

"Mabel and Jerry"

By Steve Henderson

Mabel and Jerry

Perfect entertainment for your event! A hilarious, warm and exciting love story. Romeo and Juliet meet Burns and Allen. Jerry and Mabel are two hysterically comical people with a lust for life, determined to find excitement, humor and especially love the best way they can. This forty minute, one-act play will keep your group laughing out loud from start to finish and leaving with a smile guaranteed to last the whole day. A joyous romp for audiences of all ages.

"Mountain Moonshine Mystery"


Mountain Moonshine Mystery

An interactive Hillbilly murder mystery is perfect for down-home fun. Otis Crump, president of the Hickory Gulch General Store & Eatin' Place, has met his maker by way of murder! Cause of death? Moonshine!!! What a way to go! Otis needs some brains for this operation and that's where yew Yankee folks come in. Which of his cousins did it—dumb-as-a-skunk Zeke, or man-hungry Cordelia?